Working to Earn Your Democratic Primary Vote this May 15th!


Energy + Experience

  • Iraq war veteran
  • Lifetime Member Veterans of Foreign Wars (Post 63)
  • Central Bench Neighborhood Association President
  • Hillcrest Elementary Parent and Teacher Organization
  • Hillview Preschool Board Member
  • Ada County Human Rights Task Force
  • Boy Scouts of America Organizational Representative
  • South Idaho Field Director, Democratic National Committee
  • Legislative Advisor for Idaho Community Action Network

Why I'm Running

Hello, I'm Randy Johnson! I'm asking to represent you and District 17 in the Democratic Primary on May 15th, 2018. I've had the honor of spending my life in service, and running for office is a humbling step to take. It’s exciting to meet new friends and connect with old ones, to learn more about what it really takes to make our government work. It takes curiosity, a whole lot of energy and the willingness to find solutions.

What drives me are the experiences of my life. I’m son of a Mexican immigrant who worked day and night to provide me and my sister with a safe and loving home. The son of a young mother who to this day is a role model of strength and courage. A veteran who served in Iraq and a long time community organizer who lobbied for an Idaho Dream Act, worked on campaigns and as president of a neighborhood association working along with passionate people who want to better our neighborhoods. 

But what really drives me are my two young boys. More than any other job I've had, being a dad has given me real perspective on what matters. I think every day about the fierce urgency of their futures. Tomorrow can’t wait, and that's why I am ready to serve today. We can’t wait until tomorrow to ensure every Idahoan has access to good quality healthcare. The thousands of children who are about to be kicked off of the Children’s Health Insurance Program can’t wait. Our education system can’t wait for our leaders to decide pre-kindergarten programs, fair pay for teachers and vocational training opportunities are priorities. Neighbors can’t wait for living wage jobs, affordable housing, and a robust transportation system. They are the pillars of what makes Idaho the place we love.

They can’t wait for tomorrow and neither can I.


I will work for a better, stronger Idaho that doesn't leave anyone out.


public Schools

As the father of two young children, member of the Hillcrest Elementary PTO and the Hillcrest Elementary Leadership Team, I'm on the front lines of public education.  I'm committed to bring pre-K to every child in Idaho public schools. Study after study has shown children who are adequately prepared for kindergarten are more likely to succeed in school, graduate high school, go on to post-secondary education, and be less likely to be involved in crime. Pre-K education levels the playing field for students in our state by giving every child a chance to learn and thrive.



Healthcare is a right that should be accessible to everyone. We must support the medicaid expansion to include all Idahoans who may be left in the gap of health insurance coverage. The State of Idaho must make our childrena priority by ensuring CHIP is a fully funded program. Families should not be put into poverty because they have to declare a medical bankruptcy. Our grandparents should never have to decide between life saving medication and food for the day.


Jobs + economy

A strong Idaho economy needs to focus on providing jobs that create a livable wage. And, besides the opportunity to support themselves on full-time work, those workers need access to robust forms of public transportation and affordable housing for all income levels. Moreover, our laws should support small businesses with opportunities to thrive, innovate, and enrich Idaho workers.


We need you!

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